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Camp Information

CAMP 2020

12:00 PM July 19. Holly Pointe Dorms, Rowan University.
The first session for campers will begin at 1:15 PM.  The first meal for campers will be dinner at 5:00 PM.

5:00 PM on July 21.  Holly Pointe Dorms, Rowan University.  PLEASE DO NOT COME TO PICK YOUR DAUGHTER UP EARLIER THAN THAT TIME.  There is a clearance procedure that must be followed.  Your daughter has a vital role on a team that must complete the tournament, as it is unfair to her teammates if they must complete the tournament short.

Form available for download below.
DO NOT MAIL IT IN ADVANCE!!!  Please complete the enclosed health record.  Two signatures are required, one from your parent or guardian and the other from a physician.  Each camper is required to have a physical examination by a physician before coming to camp.  BE SURE TO MAKE YOUR DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT EARLY.  WE ARE FINDING THAT MANY “PRIMARY PHYSICIANS” REQUIRE APPOINTMENTS MONTHS IN ADVANCE.  BRING THE COMPLETED FORM WITH YOU TO CAMP AND PRESENT IT AT REGISTRATION.   YOU MAY USE ANOTHER FORM BESIDES OURS.  ATTACH YOUR DOCTOR’S FORM, INCLUDING A DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE, TO OUR FORM.  BE SURE ALL THE PARENT INFORMATION, INCLUDING EMERGENCY NUMBERS, IS COMPLETED ON OUR FORM AND TURN BOTH IN TOGETHER. The physical exam may be no more than 365 days prior to the last day of camp.

Be sure that you have the policy number and the name of your insurance company filled out on your medical release form in the space provided.

You must have a mouthguard, shin guards, goggles and an insulated WATER JUG AT LEAST 2 QUART SIZE, as well as the following items: hockey stick, sneakers and field shoes (cleats/turf shoes), sweatpants, sweatshirt, shorts, at least 5 T-shirts, at least 7 pairs of athletic socks, underwear, pajamas, raincoat, sunscreen, insect repellent, towels, washcloths, pillow and pillow case, bed sheets, (twin bed size) and blankets or sleeping bag, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and hair brush,  notebook and pen/pencil and gym bag large enough to carry an extra pair of shoes.  DO NOT BRING EXPENSIVE JEWELRY OR LARGE SUMS OF MONEY!!!!  DO NOT BRING EXCESS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES….NO TV’s, REFRIGERATORS, HOT PLATES, MICROWAVE OVENS, ETC.

WRITE YOUR NAME ON ALL ITEMS.  Key cards will be issued to rooms once campers arrive.  Campers are responsible to return the key cards.  Individuals who lose the cards will have to pay $50 to the University.

Bring your own goalie equipment.  No goalie equipment is available at camp.  Most state athletic association rules allow schools to issue (protective equipment) for summer practice.

Keys must be turned in at the beginning of camp and will be returned at the end of the week.  Cars will be assigned a specific parking space.

Rooms are for double occupancy.  Select your roommate on the application.  In the event that a room must be tripled, we will use an air mattress.  If only one player is attending from a school, we try to pair them up with a singleton from another school.

There will be a place inside the dorm for athletes to purchase waters, Gatorades, various snacks and ice cream.