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Why Xplosive Sports Academy?

At Xplosive Sports Academy we offer you an “out of the box” approach to training. Our focus is field hockey and lacrosse as well as sports performance training. What do we mean when we say “out of the box?” Since athletics and training have become more than just running wind sprints and weight lifting, we give our athletes the opportunity to combine a variety of skills (i.e. speed, agility and endurance) into sports specific drills. We have eliminated the same, boring patterned drills and are incorporating more game like situations by forcing our athletes into scenarios where they are preforming in a “chaotic” environment. You know what it’s like in the middle of a game, nothing rarely happens as planned and there’s always something or someone getting in the way, it’s chaotic. What better way to train for your sport than to train in the elements you will most likely face. Xplosive Sports Academy also focuses on injury prevention techniques and strategies. We offer field hockey and lacrosse camps, clinics or just sports performance training for individuals or groups. The Xplosive Sports Academy Field Hockey Camp is an overnight camp for middle school and high school age girls located at the Westtown School in West Chester, PA. The facility offers 13 full fields, a state of the art field house for indoor play and a delicious, locally grown menu. We bring in top high school and collegiate players to give you a wide variety of coaching styles. The first two sessions each day will focus on field hockey skills as well as developing speed, increasing visual processing time and movement efficiency. The night sessions provide ample time for scrimmages and tournaments. We hold a 3 v 3 tournament as well as a team tournament. We cater to teams and individuals. Please look on our Field Hockey page for more information. Our Xplosive Lacrosse Clinics are a fantastic opportunity to get ready for the season. We host a variety of lacrosse training throughout the fall and winter. These sessions are indoor and are located at varying facilities. You will receive state of the art video analysis, vision and reaction training with technology, expert lacrosse instruction with professional lacrosse players, Division I alumni and top high school coaches. Our third service is to offer anyone, no matter the sport, the chance to train. Our Director Trae Toliver (please see his bio under Our Team) has worked with numerous high school, collegiate and professional All-Stars. He has also trained many athletes to return to play post knee surgery. We offer personal training or even groups of 5 – 10. If you are looking for team training, please see our Training Page and contact us with any questions. Xplosive Sports Academy will give you the best preparation possible for you to excel and to be ready for anything at anytime; whether during preseason, the season, for a showcase, post season or post injury. At Xplosive we understand you, we understand the game and we know how to win! Come and have some fun and set the world on fire!

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As the Podiatric Consultant to 3 professional teams in Philadelphia, I am pleased with the training programs my athletes receive when referred to Trae Toliver.  He provides all my athletes with the same level of expertise my professional athletes receive no exceptions. Read More
Dr. Lee Cohen - Podiatrist