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BP College / Xplosive Clinic Recap

Why Xplosive Sports?

Xplosive Sports Academy uses global technology combined with science to empower each individual to reach their full potential.  Sports has become more than just running wind sprints and weight lifting.  It takes more than fundamental speed and agility to compete at the highest level.

At Xplosive Sports Academy, we feel that it is important to EVALUATE the athlete's cognitive and reactive abilities in order to ELEVATE their sports specific skills.   

Our technology allows us to provide real-time feedback in three different modes:  visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  Every athlete learns differently, so it is important to give them the tools necessary to improve upon the technical aspect of the sport.  By forcing our athletes into game like scenarios, we can EDUCATE them on their decision making and reactive capabilities that produce the ultimate athlete.  What better way to train for your sport than to train in the elements you will most likely face? 


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