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Looking for ways to out perform the competition? Tired of the same old training techniques? Bored of the same patterned drills? At Xplosive Sports Academy, we want our athletes to develop their skills and be able to replicate the speed of movement in a more effective manner. We want to help our athletes increase their visual processing time and movement efficiency in order to stand out on the field and become a more successful player and teammate. Most training focuses on creating running patterns and drills for players to perform. Xplosive further fine tunes your skills and capabilities. We work together with you to create an athlete that can detect and react effectively in a chaotic environment. Xplosive Sports Academy will give you the best preparation possible for you to excel and to be ready for anything at anytime, whether at preseason, during the season to sharpen your skills, or after, to keep yourself sharp. At Xplosive we understand you. We understand the game. And we know how to win! Come have some fun and set the world on fire!

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Working with Trae Troliver was one of the most influential and rewarding experiences not only of my athletic career, but my life. When I walked into his office still recovering from a bad hamstring tear I was in constant pain, weak in the knees at the thought of training again. Trae re-built me. His knowledge and expertise are superlative but it is his devotion and attention to detail that makes him an amazing coach. My injuries were as much mental as they were physical and he convinced me to trust in my body once more. Trae’s certainly been one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with but he’s more than that, he is your friend. He has an intoxicating personality that pulls you in like gravity. Be prepared to laugh and definitely get ready to roll out. No matter what age, five to seventy-five I would send you to Trae.

Morgan Truncale

Morgan Truncale